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Corporate Law:
This firm provides representation to various business and corporate entities throughout the Lehigh Valley.  Our attorneys often assist clients in the formation and incorporation of new legal entities.  We carefully guide our clients (often in concert with tax experts) through complex issues of business formation such as filings before the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Corporate Bureau, drafting corporate by-laws, resolutions and preparing partnership & shareholder agreements.

Our firm offers a full service corporate law practice.  Not only are our attorneys skilled in Corporate formation, but they also possess experience in a variety of corporate  law matters such as changes in ownership or in entity structure, buy-outs, dissolutions and estate planning issues.  

Creditors’ Rights:
This firm represents creditors who become involved in bankruptcy proceedings.  Our attorneys ensure that a creditor’s rights to assets and funds, to be distributed are protected through skilled and aggressive representation.

Domestic Relations:
Our firm provides skilled representation in all areas of Domestic Relations law.  Our attorneys regularly represent clients in issues such as divorce, equitable division of marital property, child and spousal support, custody, adoption, paternity, and post and prenuptial agreements. While many domestic disputes may be emotional and can create economic uncertainty, our attorneys specialize in resolving matters amicably whenever possible.  However, if litigation is required, our attorneys will aggressively pursue the best interests of our clients.  

Elder Law and Guardianships:
Elder law is the area of law involving a multitude of issues that affect senior citizens.  This office provides a multitude of legal services for those clients with estate planning needs, such as Preparation of Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney, Guardianship and Conservatorship, long-term care planning, and healthcare directives. 

When a loved one needs special assistance or care, our attorneys are prepared to provide services that will honor the wishes and directions of the client, while also protecting the client’s financial security.  When providing these services, our attorneys review the client’s goals and develop an estate plan that fulfills the needs of the client. Our attorneys are also cognizant that there are consequences related to estate plans and our attorneys work directly with a client’s tax professional in order to minimize any related tax consequences.

Entertainment law:
Attorney Fox is the author of four comedic published books, and a playwright who has penned four full-length plays that continue to be performed live on stage.  There are a multitude of legal issues that arise from the publication of books and plays, and the subsequent negotiation, distribution and sale of same into the public forum.  Attorney Fox counsels other authors and playwrights concerning their legal rights.

Estate Administration:
This firm
provides Estate Administration services.  Our attorneys serve as legal counsel during the administration of an estate. The firm compiles and evaluates the documentation needed to render an accounting of estate assets and liabilities, in order to tender payment of Pennsylvania and Federal Inheritance Taxes. The firm is directly involved in the preparation of tax returns applicable to the decedent, as well as distribution of estate assets to the named beneficiaries and heirs.

Homeowner’s Associations:
Our services include the drafting of Bylaws and Rules that seek to outline and clarify the objectives of the association.  Our attorneys are skilled in collecting delinquent monthly payments, and the firm assists in the resolution of rules violations by homeowners.  Should negotiations in these matters fail, our attorneys are experienced in pursuing remedies on behalf of the association through formal litigation.   

Litigation – Civil:
Our firm
seeks to avoid any unnecessary and time consuming litigation whenever possible.  However, when litigation is required, we aggressively protect the interests of our clients.  Since our attorneys have extensive experience before the local courts on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants, we are able to represent and counsel our clients in the public forum of the courtroom. 

Municipal Law:
Our attorneys serve multiple municipal clients throughout the Lehigh Valley.  We represent various zoning hearing boards, code appeals boards, civil service boards, business privilege tax boards, and also represent various municipalities in the collection of business privilege and related taxes. Our attorneys often represent individuals who are required to appear before municipal authorities regarding a wide variety of issues, such as land use planning, zoning, and municipal disputes.

Personal Injury:
This firm represent clients who have been seriously injured due to the negligence of others.  Our attorneys have experience with personal injury claims, including the pursuit of formal litigation.  Our attorneys strive to protect the rights of our clients and ensure that proper compensation is received.  Personal injury cases are usually accepted on a contingency fee basis which means that no legal fee is charged unless a recovery is obtained. 

Real Estate and Zoning:
The acquisition, sale, and management of real estate is a complex area of law that requires that legal counsel be conversant with zoning, land use planning, municipal code compliance, environmental issues, and the impact of taxation.  The Law Offices of Lawrence B. Fox, P.C., assist with the acquisition or sale of real property. As a result, the firm assists in preparing and reviewing agreements of sale, obtaining environmental evaluations, scheduling and evaluating inspection reports, preparing deeds, and negotiating sale prices. Our attorneys also represent clients in the acquisition process, including pursuit of zoning and subdivision approvals. 


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