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Published Author of:

  • The Confused Lawyer's Field Guide to the Courthouse (2007)
  • No Noose is Good Noose (2004)
  • Has My Lawyer Called Yet (2002)
  • There's No Justice -  Just Court Costs (1999)

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The courtroom adventures and antics experienced by Attorney Lawrence B. Fox continue in this hilarious and sometimes poignant collection of stories. Larry's wry humor and quirky take on the world infuse the book and bring to life the book's kooky clients and wacky characters. A thoroughly entertaining read, made even more so because what he writes is true (except where he has lied a little).
So you think you didn't receive your fair share of Justice the last time you appeared in Court. Well, after you read these 40 short stories, perhaps you won't feel so bad, unless, of course, similar to a few of the author's clients, you're still sitting in jail.

Scores of lawyers have written serious books about the trials they have won. I have written a humorous book about the trials I have lost, since I haven't won any yet. Since most of my clients are unusual, I have not run out of stories regarding their ill-fated attempts to achieve Justice. If Justice has occurred, My confused clients and I have stumbled upon it purely by chance. There are 24 separate stories, all of which are true, except where the author has lied a little.
This  is about Attorney Fox and his luckless clients as they maneuver their way through the local courthouse seeking that elusive goal...JUSTICE.  Justice, it seems, occurs when Larry,
surprisingly, wins on occasion. Injustice occurs when the other side prevails. As a result, Justice and injustice often occur simultaneously in the same courtroom before the same confused judge. 
The Pennsylvania Playhouse located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania presented the world premier of Larry's original comedy, "There's No Justice - Just Court Costs,"  live on stage during the week of August 27, 2009. 

Larry regularly participates as a speaker in Continuing Legal Education Seminars and appears before general audiences as a humorist describing the ironies and comedic situations that invariably arise in the practice of law.

Since the performance of this play on August 27, 2009, it has been seen on stage in Texas.  Attorney Fox's newest comedic play "The Obituary I'm Dying to Write" will receive its world premiere on stage performances from Feb 1 - 10, 2013 at the Shawnee Playhouse in Pennsylvania.  Attorney Fox's third comedic play "Extinct" will be produced in 2014.  

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